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  • Creativity in Email Marketing

    Posted by Adam Titcher on November 17 , 2015

    If companies strive to reach a customer on his level from his unique perspective, they have a better chance of breaking through the noise of ubiquitous advertising through a personalized marketing approach that fits his/her financial status, lifestyle and retirement needs. BBVA, one of Spain’s leading financial services provider, used a personalized video campaign to […]

  • Communicating with residents in the City of the Future

    Posted by Yotam Benami on July 28 , 2015

    The reciprocity between the mayor and residents has not changed for decades and was traditionally based on the mayor’s obligation to provide satisfying municipal services to her residents, while they, in turn, were expected to pay municipal taxes and express their appreciation or disappointment from services rendered during election periods. Fifty-six of the country’s 100 […]

  • Consumer Goods are Going Digital via Personalized Videos

    Posted by Assaf Fogel on June 15 , 2015

    Can a network that consists of tens of billions of connected devices – which try to engage with billions of consumers – ever be personalized? Here at Idomoo, where we create personalized videos, our team was determined to learn the answer. As part of our quest, we partnered with leading brands (Cadbury and Johnny Walker), […]

  • Earning Customer Loyalty Starts with Personal Marketing

    Posted by Adam Titcher on April 16 , 2015

    Developing brand loyalty isn’t an option but a must. Customer loyalty has got everyone talking. The recent flood of marketing articles, blog posts, white papers, eBooks and guides has put customer loyalty right in the spotlight, demanding constant attention. Companies need to pull the hat out of the bag and start piecing together the customer loyalty […]

  • Personalized Social Video Campaigns: Overcoming CRM Data Boundaries

    Posted by Adam Titcher on January 20 , 2015

    Recently, one of the world’s most famous brands made their connection with their customers more personal. Coca-Cola’s campaign, known as “Project Connect” was a creative attempt to strengthen the brand’s bond with Australian young adults and inspired shared moments of happiness in both the “real world” and the “virtual world”. The campaign was the first […]

  • Mondelez International Leverages Idomoo Personalized Video to Delight Cadbury Chocolate Consumers across the Globe

    Posted by Adam Titcher on November 30 , 2014

    Idomoo Social expands the mix of customer engagement paths by allowing brands to build personalized video campaigns based on the customer’s own social data, i.e. his/her Facebook profile, so campaigns are more personal, engaging and emotional. For retail companies with limited customer communication channels and no CRM data, it is a powerful customer engagement route to […]