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  • Video Ad Captioning for Dummies

    Posted by Adam Titcher on May 3 , 2016

    It was less than 100 years ago when Talkies put an end to the era of Silent films. Since then movies, television, and video advertisements have shared stories, persuaded us to buy products, and brought news from around the world through imagery and sound. Video advertising is dominating our lives with the help of global […]

  • Personalized Social Video Campaigns: Overcoming CRM Data Boundaries

    Posted by Adam Titcher on January 20 , 2015

    Recently, one of the world’s most famous brands made their connection with their customers more personal. Coca-Cola’s campaign, known as “Project Connect” was a creative attempt to strengthen the brand’s bond with Australian young adults and inspired shared moments of happiness in both the “real world” and the “virtual world”. The campaign was the first […]

  • Exceeding ROI Dreams with Personalized Video

    Posted by Yaron Kalish on November 30 , 2014

    As CEO of Idomoo, when I speak with our customers — typically marketing and customer success teams — what’s keeping them awake at night is how to get the ear of their customers. It is difficult today to build a close 1:1 relationship with customers. The growing number of bank branches that are closing and […]