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  • CES 2015: Key Takeaways on Digital Trends

    Posted by Assaf Fogel on January 20 , 2015

    CES is not just about electronics anymore; it’s about all things digital related. The presence of Fortune 500 companies across the board made this year’s event bigger and better than ever. From consumer goods, healthcare, retail and eCommerce, to telecom and digital advertising, everyone in the industry was there. The prominence of internet providers coming […]

  • Idomoo Introduces Dynamic Video Ads for Ecommerce

    Posted by Adam Titcher on December 1 , 2014

    300% increase in CTR over traditional video advertising and 600% over Display advertising. 200% ROI increase compared to standard store conversion. Today Idomoo announces Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads. The cloud-based video automation features real-time customized videos for the masses. Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads offers brands and sellers a breakthrough video advertising platform. Leveraging Idomoo’s proprietary IP that combines video […]