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  • Why Utilities Must Enhance Customer Engagement

    Posted by Danny Kalish on January 5 , 2016

    Everyone knows that the electric utility market is going through a paradigm shift, but how many have really thought about how this should change the way utilities interact with their customers? People typically focus on technology as the key driver for a paradigm shift, however, it is the change in the consumer behavior that makes […]

  • Video Marketing Clarifies Bill Communication

    Posted by Adam Titcher on April 30 , 2015

    Bills, Bills, Bills! One Big Headache! It doesn’t matter how appealing your service is, your customers dread it when the bill or statement you deliver pop ups in their inbox/online account every month or quarter. When they’re reminded of how much they’re charged for their consumption – it’s a financial nuisance. They’re marked for their […]

  • Idomoo & Entropy Selected by BBVA to Enhance Customer Engagement for Digital Clients

    Posted by Adam Titcher on March 26 , 2015

    Use of Personalized Videos in Pension Campaign Drove Growth in Contributions ORLANDO, Florida, March 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — LOMA Customer Service Conference — Idomoo, the world’s leading developer of Personalized Video platforms, today announced that it partnered with BBVA, a leading Spanish financial services provider, to deliver BBVA’s digital clients with Personalized Videos that help explain pension funds and […]

  • Idomoo Introduces Dynamic Video Ads for Ecommerce

    Posted by Adam Titcher on December 1 , 2014

    300% increase in CTR over traditional video advertising and 600% over Display advertising. 200% ROI increase compared to standard store conversion. Today Idomoo announces Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads. The cloud-based video automation features real-time customized videos for the masses. Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads offers brands and sellers a breakthrough video advertising platform. Leveraging Idomoo’s proprietary IP that combines video […]