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  • Check Out The Brands Who Are Nailing Personalized Video

    Posted by Adam Titcher on September 7 , 2015

    In the golden age of video advertising, marketers everywhere are veering away from static ads and are adopting video as a medium of choice. Personalized video takes this marketing trend one step further by offering marketers the ability to customize their campaigns.The key to properly utilizing personalized video is to offer consumers something they want, […]

  • Exceeding ROI Dreams with Personalized Video

    Posted by Yaron Kalish on November 30 , 2014

    As CEO of Idomoo, when I speak with our customers — typically marketing and customer success teams — what’s keeping them awake at night is how to get the ear of their customers. It is difficult today to build a close 1:1 relationship with customers. The growing number of bank branches that are closing and […]