In today's busy world, the magnitude of being unique has never been bigger. Combine video and personalization - the most powerful maketing paths - to cut through the noise.

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Personalized Video campaigns for each touchpoint within the customer journey

The Idomoo Personalized Video Cloud Platform transforms the way businesses of all sizes interact with their customers across the following solutions:
  1. Premium Services
  2. Storybuilding Suite
  3. Video Templates
  4. Dynamic Video Ads
The Idomoo Premium Service provides leading global brands with best practice solutions to build a successful campaign. Our Personalized Video experts help to accomplish your business goals and walk you through these steps:
  • Identify your business challenges, goals and KPIs
  • Choose the right use case for you: craft your brand’s message and build a story for each of your customer segments and the actions you’d like them to take
  • Match the data to feed the Personalized Video
  • Decide on the best distribution channels: Personalized Video can be distributed across multiple channels simultaneously to increase its view rate

Flexible Model

Our flexible, robust and open platform means the video creative process and production can be done by your own agency or the Idomoo studio.

Best Practices

Idomoo's Personalized Video consultants have rich experience working with over 100 enterprises worldwide to create millions of Personalized Videos. With customer service experience and Personalized Video best practices, our experts can turn a campaign into a marketing powerhouse. Idomoo videos offer reach engagement and conversion rates beyond your expectations with memorable personal videos, unique storytelling, powerful CTAs and optimum multi-channels.