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Since Idomoo was founded in 2009, we have provided personalized video solutions for more than 80 enterprises in 24 countries and 18 languages. With offices in London, Sao Paolo, New York and Madrid, Idomoo has built a team of personalized video experts who listen carefully to the needs of our clients and leverage their deep understanding of verticals, challenges, business goals, video options and personalization best practices to create highly effective personalized video campaigns.


Personalized video is an effective medium to help telecom companies fight churn and increase brand loyalty.
Bill shock can have an untimely negative on the relationship between a telecommunications service provider and its subscribers, right as it begins. Personalized video is the right medium for providing clarity and transparency around a subscriber’s first bill, carefully explaining proration and establishing the integrity of the brand from that first touchpoint.
Similarly, personalized video is an effective and exciting way to onboard subscribers to a new service, enabling the service provider to lay out the benefits for each specific subscriber and provide important details like installation appointments and more.


With increased competition among utility companies on every continent, personalized video is an ideal tool for differentiating an offering and providing clarity to customers. Many utility companies are already using Idomoo’s personalized videos to deliver innovative statements that include detailed breakdowns designed to make customers feel more positive about their utility provider.
Utility companies can identify moments in a customer’s journey where there is a higher potential for churn. Personalized video is one of the best ways to reach customers at risk for contract termination.


Idomoo works with insurance companies across Europe and South America on a range of customer engagement solutions such as customer acquisition, renewal and up-sale. Personalized video campaigns encourage customers to complete application forms to ensure that they complete their on-boarding process. Insurance customers appreciate receiving a clear explanation of the services they are receiving from the insurance company, and a careful description of the policy the customer has purchased.


Financial institutions globally are under increasing pressure to comply with policies that require greater transparency and integrity. Idomoo works with large banks worldwide to help them meet these standards, enabling them to operate under exceptional security while still providing individually targeted financial packages and statements. Personalized video help banks to reclaim customers’ trust and restore face to face communication through the combination of video and personalization.