Why 90% of Marketing Execs Think Personalised Marketing is the Future

Why Marketing Execs See Personalized Marketing in Our Future

Anyone who has an inbox, a social media feed or even a Wi-Fi connection knows just how many messages jockey for their attention each day. It’s a lot, and most of them never see any level of engagement.

To quantify the dissatisfaction related to the level of advertising “noise” one interfaces with on a day-to-day basis, consider this: A national poll found nearly 75% of individuals are frustrated with web content that does not recognise them and adapt to their specific interests.

What Consumers Think of Personalised Marketing?

Consumers are aware that personalisation technology is out there – they enjoy it every day on sites like Amazon, where products are suggested, or Hulu, where TV shows are recommended based on user history. In essence, the question in their mind becomes, “If it’s possible to view content that’s directly relevant to my wants and needs, why would I opt to view anything else?”

A study conducted by Experian Marketing Services examined specifically how greatly interaction improves when personalisation is implemented in email campaigns. It was found that personalisation within promotional emails results in a 29% higher unique open rate and a 41% higher unique click rate. They also report that, overall, personalised subject lines deliver a 26% higher unique open rate.

When it comes to online advertising, 54% of consumers find personalised ads to be more engaging, 52% find them to be more educational, 49% feel they’re time-saving and 45% say they are more memorable compared to non-personalised ads. All told, 78% of consumers report they would like some kind of personalisation reflected in the ad content they see.

Recognising this, two thirds of marketers say they are increasing their personalised advertising budgets in an effort to offer more highly-tailored content. There’s a full-force movement towards personalisation and with that a renewed focus on video marketing as the best creative channel for delivery.

How Does Video Boost Personalisation Efforts?

First, let’s look at the fact that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% and that 90% of viewers say video is helpful in the decision making process. The power of video lies in the fact that 90% of the information humans absorb is visual. It’s without a doubt the best communication tool available to marketers today, especially when it’s personalised.

Personalised Video Technology takes dense, information-heavy messaging that often appears in brand communication and turns it into a concise, visually rich personalised video narrative with a clear call to action. It enables brands to engage with customers on a personal level, leveraging any available data such as CRM data, customers’ social graphs or third party data. This data is then used to create 1:1 communications with each customer that are highly relevant and engaging.

And because information conveyed audio-visually is retained 68% more effectively compared to text, video is by far the strongest medium through which to engage your audience in a meaningful, personalised communication.

Personalised Marketing by The Numbers

  • 90% of marketers think personalised marketing is the future
  • 73% of consumers prefer doing business with brands that use personal information to tailor their experience
  • 74% of B2B marketers say video converts better than any other medium
  • On average, 91% of customers are satisfied with their experience after viewing a Personalised Video 

Simply put, Personalised Video is the most effective tool you can add to your marketing arsenal.

If you found this useful and you’d like to learn how to take advantage of the latest trends in a fast-paced and ever-evolving marketing landscape, we invite you to download a copy of our “How to stay ahead of the game in the marketing industry” guide for CMOs


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