Idomoo and Unilever Partner on Dynamic Video Ads Campaign for REGENERATE Enamel Science™ on Facebook

Idomoo’s Dynamic Video Ads drove 53% conversion and 38% uplift in CTR for multiple brands in recently launched campaigns. 

Hod Hasharon, Israel–June 28, 2017 –  Idomoo, a Facebook Marketing Partner, today announced the successful launch of their Dynamic Video Advertising campaigns on Facebook along with the results of three successful campaigns. With Idomoo’s solution, REGENERATE Enamel Science™ by Unilever and two other brands each created and ran dynamic video campaigns on Facebook and saw fantastic results. 

  • REGENERATE Enamel Science™ by Unilever received a 38% uplift in Click-Through Rate (CTR) and gained deep insights in to customer behavior. 
  • An additional dynamic video campaign targeting the sports entertainment industry showed a 53% conversion rate, which was a 2.3X uplift in sales over other channels. 
  • And a third campaign with a separate client saw a 3.5X uplift in completion rate and a 4X lift in brand recall. 

These campaigns received millions of impressions in a short amount of time with outstanding performance and direct-response results. 

About the success, Idomoo’s CEO and Co-Founder Yaron Kalish, said, “The age of static video or one TV spot video for all customers is over. Brands want to serve the right video to the right consumer all the time, at scale and an affordable cost. 

“We identified the potential of combining Idomoo’s Personalised Video engine with Facebook’s explosive growth in video ads. The combination of Facebook’s targeting capabilities with a scalable and SaaS-based Personalised Video platform allows brands bring to life true 1-to-1 video campaigns. 

“The proven results with the brands who partnered with us demonstrates immediate value and engagement.” 

Giulia Azzara, Global Marketing Manager for Unilever Prestige, said, “It’s because of Idomoo’s Dynamic Video Ads that our campaign saw such incredible results, and we’re pleased that our customers found the personalised advertisements so engaging. There’s definitely huge potential for this technology beyond direct response marketing.” 

About Idomoo 

Idomoo’s Personalised Video Platform empowers brands to communicate with customers in a highly relevant, engaging way through the use of Personalised Video. Their purpose-built video rendering engine, coupled with powerful yet simple authoring and editing tools, enable them to deliver cinematic quality, true native Personalised Videos at a mass scale and in high definition. Idomoo’s open platform approach removes creative barriers by enabling any agency to work directly on the platform, ensuring the highest level creative is always available, whether be it animation, live action or any other type of content. Learn more about Idomoo’s Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook.

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