Idomoo helps brands deliver on the promise of customer personalization – moving each customer emotionally and practically by addressing them individually with a personalized video uniquely tailored to fit their needs.

We deliver the most effective customer engagement for your brand because we combine both of the most powerful technologies: video and personalization on a massive scale. Now you can touch each customer with a unique story, tailored to their individual needs. Your customers will appreciate the special attention, relevancy and excitement that their personal videos deliver.

Idomoo has a strong track record serving leading Fortune 500 brands and top agencies around the world. Idomoo’s customer communications expertise delivers measurably improved conversion, sales, customer retention and loyalty.

Idomoo personalized videos work because they are based on the belief that every individual customer deserves personal attention. On any scale, we integrate highly personalized videos with individually-relevant information, with offers and services that uniquely suit personal product usage, needs, and interests.

There are five principles at the core of our technology that enable clients to engage every customer while reducing customer care and retention costs:

  • Be everywhere – customers can view personalized Idomoo
    videos anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Be relevant – customers receive only personal and relevant data and offers
  • Be amazing – stunning cinematic-quality videos
    ‘wow’ customers
  • Be scalable – we use state-of-the-art cloud computing and GPU servers
  • Be safe – data security is never compromised