PR Newswire – Idomoo and NABShow Collaborate on Personalized Video Invitation for Conference in Las Vegas

Idomoo and NABShow Collaborate on Personalized Video Invitation for Conference in Las Vegas

PR Newswire

Using Personalized Video NABShow Looks to Increase Registration for Upcoming Show in April

Christopher’s Video is a personalized video specifically catered to his professional preferences and interests that he can experience by attending the upcoming show.


NEW YORKMarch 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — NAB Show’s Post|Production World (P|PW) has selected Idomoo, the world’s leading provider of Personalized Video Marketing Technology for its 2016 event registration campaign. Thanks to the collaboration with Future Media Concepts (FMC), the nation’s premier digital media training organization, interested production and post-production professionals can learn about the conference through a personalized video created by Idomoo.

Industry events are constantly looking to not only increase the number of attendees but also raise the level of excitement for repeat participants. Idomoo offers the most effective solution with its Personalized Video Cloud Platform, generating relevant, visual, and engaging video communication methods for brands to interact with their audience in a unique and personal manner.

“As the organizer of the largest convention for media and entertainment technology, NAB is always looking for innovative ways to generate excitement and increase registration for our event,” said NAB Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown.  “Idomoo has developed a unique product to creatively and effectively reach our audience with personalized and fun messages, and we look forward to putting the technology to work to create buzz for NAB Show.”

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