Idomoo has developed a video template for Insurance companies

ORLANDO, Florida, March 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

LOMA Customer Service Conference — Idomoo, the world’s leading developer of Personalized Video platforms, today announced that it partnered with BBVA, a leading Spanish financial services provider, to deliver BBVA’s digital clients with Personalized Videos that help explain pension funds and encourage investment.

The “Future Self” Campaign, created and produced by digital content creators Entropy, is one of the significant initiatives undertaken by BBVA to enhance customer engagement through the use of advanced digital technology. The personalized video campaign encouraged customers to be active in saving for retirement by presenting an image of an ‘older self’ speaking to the ‘younger self’ thanking them for saving money allowing them to live comfortably today. It also outlined the viewer’s individual pension plan, including the maximum amount of money they could contribute in a given year.

In an article by La Vanguardia earlier this month, Francisco Gonzalez, Managing Director of BBVA, spoke about the Idomoo personalized video campaign highlighting the fact that BBVA has seen that digital clients invest more than traditional customers thanks to this innovative approach combining personalization and video.

Behavioral economist and Idomoo Academic Advisory Board member, Prof. Shlomo Benartzi of UCLA, cites research by Prof. Hal Hershfield and others documenting that connecting visually with our aged-self can dramatically boost our willingness to save for the future. Benartzi noted, “the cutting-edge Idomoo personalized video technology, combined with innovation initiatives by industry leaders like BBVA, offers truly unique opportunities to engage with our future-self and boost savings even further.”

Based on the success of the pension fund campaign, Idomoo has developed a video template for Insurance companies that enables them to easily build their own personalized video campaign, cutting down on production costs and reducing time to market.

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Idomoo helps brands deliver on the promise of customer personalization: moving each customer to action by addressing them individually with relevant experiences that matter. In a world of endless streams of content, Idomoo’s Personalized Video excels the effectiveness of relevant customer communication. Millions of Idomoo Personalized Videos have been created to fuel customer satisfaction, acquisition, retention and brand loyalty. Learn more about Personalized Videos.

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