Idomoo Expands Partnership With Deutsche Telekom to Provide Personalized Videos for Improved Customer Experience

BARCELONAMarch 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Idomoo,  the world’s leading developer of Personalized Video platforms, today announced that Deutsche Telekom selected the Company’s next generation Personalized Video Platform to create thousands of personalized videos for customers, resulting in significantly improved customer engagement rates.

Idomoo will be presenting onstage with Deutsche Telekom at Mobile World Congress on modernized customer experience through e-transformation, and its technology will be featured at the Deutsche Telekom booth, Hall 3 Zone 3a Stand Z3.4

Idomoo was tasked with creating personalized videos, addressing thousands of new Deutsche Telekom customers in Hungary by name, and explaining their first bill in an effort to engage and connect with them. Deutsche Telekom saw the need to ensure smooth onboarding of new customers as the first 90 days of a new telecom client are crucial in retaining them. Many Telcos struggle with high churn rates due to complex monthly bills, short-term promotions and rapidly changing rates.

“Servicing our customers at the highest level is very important to us,” said Marc Sommer, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Deutsche Telekom Executive. “The goal of our partnership with Idomoo was to make the onboarding process as easy and streamlined as possible for our customers through the use of personalized videos. We are very happy about the positive results we’ve seen from our initial engagement.”

Deutsche Telekom conducted a customer survey in Hungary after the initial three month campaign and received very positive feedback. Customer engagement rates had significantly improved with an average of 70% of those who received videos watching it to its end and an impressive view rate of 65%.

“Idomoo is honored to have been chosen by Deutsche Telekom to help transform ordinary customer communication into a positive and productive experience,” said Danny Kalish, Idomoo Founder and CTO. “In todays’ competitive environment, our technology provides a dynamic way to engage them, allowing companies to significantly improve customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction.”

Idomoo will also be demoing its technology in Hall 2 Stand 2D50.

About Idomoo
Idomoo helps brands deliver on the promise of customer personalization: moving each customer to action by addressing them individually with relevant experiences that matter. Millions of Idomoo Personalized Videos have been created to fuel customer satisfaction, acquisition, retention and brand loyalty. Learn more about Personalized Videos

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