How to Solve Customer Engagement Challenges with Personalized Video

How to Solve Customer Engagement Challenges with Personalized Video

The quest to earn customer attention and loyalty can seem never ending. Amid the ever-changing landscape of social media, the unrelenting chaos of an inbox and the constant noise of competing messages, it can feel impossible to fully engage customers. And whether you realize it or not, you might be hampering your own best efforts at customer engagement. 

Many marketers unintentionally create barriers for themselves by launching campaigns that are bursting at the seams with information or do a poor job of breaking down complex topics. 

Unlike the headache of ordering a piece of furniture and receiving a box of parts with vague instructions, a marketing campaign should never be “assembly required.” The best campaigns are to the point and require little to no mental lifting on the part of a customer.

Video as an Engagement Solution

Instead of relying on jargon and paperwork to convey a message, video presents an easy alternative: multi-sensory, visually driven content that’s far more engaging than off-putting text communication. The shift toward video communication has increased drastically over the past two years – 85% of advertisers have upped their video budgets, spending an average of $10 million annually. 

Because 90% of information is taken in visually, video really makes it easy for people to “get” what you’re saying. When customers can understand your service or product, they can better engage with it across multiple platforms. Whether you’re targeting customers through email, a digital portal, social media or an app, video can adapt to fit screens of all sizes. 

Imagine reading a lengthy customer on-boarding brochure from a 4-inch mobile screen versus watching a short, colorful video that shares the same information. Which experience would you prefer? It’s a common scenario given that nearly 80% of social engagement and 66% of email opens happen on smartphones. Video is versatile and adaptive, making it the best choice for positive engagement, regardless of whether that engagement is happening on a mobile, tablet or desktop device. 

Positive cross-channel engagement experiences mean happy, confident customers. When your customers feel good about their experience with your company, they’re more trust of you on a whole and are more open to engaging with future communication and self-service solutions.

Exceed Expectations with Personalization

Customer expectations are on the rise, which means brands are forced to keep coming up with new ways to impress. We live in an era of real-time responsiveness and customized product suggestions. While not long ago those features were a novelty, they are now expected. How can a company continue to meet customers’ growing demands? 

Personalized Video is a direct response to the 78% of consumers who say they prefer to engage with personalized content, and it’s the closest thing brands can get to having a 1:1 conversation with their customers. 

It gives marketers the option to use customer data to rapidly generate infinite iterations of the same base video, customized to each and every viewer in real-time. This means Viewer A’s video will be different than Viewer B’s video and so on, with each video addressing the viewer by name and showing content that is directly relevant to his/her unique purchase history or account information.

Tell Your Story as Only You Can

Perhaps most importantly, one of the keystones of successful customer engagement is a strong emotional connection. Emotional connection is at the root of buying decisions and is a primary driver of trust and loyalty. Storytelling is the most effective way of engaging your customers on an emotional level. 

In the case of traditional email, campaigns are seriously limited in their storytelling capabilities and struggle to connect on an emotional level. Campaigns that incorporate video, on the other hand, present an opportunity to engage customers visually and aurally, with Personalized Video offering the best opportunity for emotional connection and engagement. 

Through Personalized Video, a story can be tailored to the viewer based on their unique preferences, and it can go so far as to incorporate personal photos, hand-picked messages and can even serve as a heartfelt gift, as Cadbury did in their Glow campaign.

Whether you’re prompting viewers to laugh, reminisce or shed a tear, what you’re really doing is creating a memorable, personal emotional connection. The most successful campaigns are ones that stay with people long after the video has ended.

Maximize Your Campaign with Personalized Video 

No matter the goal of your marketing campaign, Personalized Video enables your message to cut through the noise of other marketers, target the individual viewer and resonate in an easy-to-understand, emotionally engaging way. Traditional email can’t do that.

To find out more about Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform and how we can help you reach your customers and drive action, contact us below.

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