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Personalized video campaign

It takes a village to create an effective video campaign. From creative thinkers who turn marketing research into fresh ideas, to wordsmiths who carefully craft scripts, detail-oriented project managers who keep everyone else on schedule to tech wizzes who perfect sound and visuals in post-production – making a video that works is truly a team effort.

Now that you have a video, Idomoo’s StoryBuilding Suite can easily turn it into dynamic personalized content, which can be mixed and matched per each individual user. This is as easy as 1-2-3. Idomoo has brought simplification in to the process of video personalization, just as Nespresso brought to premium coffee, and Marketo to online marketing.

From something as simple as adding the person’s name to the video to explaining a complex message through multiple unique fields, the StoryBuilder allows you to craft the dynamic elements, scenes and audio necessary to render millions of unique videos by integrating big data into each individual’s video.

All you need to do is compile the creative assets into a single machine, define the business logic for the audio and flow of the scenes – and there you have it! Idomoo’s StoryBuilder is an amazing platform that allows you to do all that, and even more: generate videos from a file, thru an API call or even thru a simple form on the web.

Now what? Want to track the individuals’ behavior? Once they have received the video, you can see their views, clicks, and other analytics. Then, study and analyze their behavior to easily and seamlessly change the video to create an optimized and personalized user experience.

Wonder how these videos get to the users? That is also covered in the StoryBuilder. You can build your own branded, customized landing page in minutes. You can even distribute it by email.

In short, the StoryBuilder takes you from production of single video to rendering millions and serving them to the end users in a simple and easy to use manner.

Wondering if you have to do all the tedious work of producing a video for every communication? Not anymore. Scenes can be reused or re purposed using dynamic voice-over.

You can also choose from our scene library or use our pre made storyboards, which are aimed to provide you with a simple solution to a simple communication, or personalized video stationary on top of which you can craft your own story.

With Idomoo’s Premium Services, all these steps, in addition to all technical aspects, are managed and lead by an Idomoo Professional. Not only this, Idomoo also makes sure the project is focused to achieve the agreed upon objectives relevant KPIs.

In parallel to the creative process, our professional services lead you through all the technical aspects that relate to the rendering and distribution of personalized videos:

1. Data integration
2. The entire user journey:

a. Landing page
b. Messaging channel. E.g. Email

Data integration could be easy for some organizations, but the worst nightmare to others. We will guide you through choosing the right integration mode and facilitating the process of extracting it.

The easiest way to build a landing page is using our Landing Page Builder. However, you can also decide to build your own page. Using our Landing Page Builder, you are provided with a code that makes it simple to use the Idomoo Player for your landing page. You can extract the landing page code as .zip and then customize it to your specific needs.

As for the distribution of the video, Idomoo will help you increase the exposure of your Personalized Videos as much as possible through your website, applications, text, email messages and online forms. We will guide you through the process of designing and enabling these interfaces to ensure an optimized user journey from the distribution of the message through to the conversion, whether that conversion is ‘click to register’, ‘go to the nearest store’ or ‘get an offer’.

How Idomoo Can Help You

The Idomoo Dynamic Storytelling Suite empowers companies to take the process of creating compelling video into their own hands. With the PVaaS toolset, many of the technical aspects of video creation are made available to companies, allowing them to take complete creative control of the product. With access to the scene libraries, visuals, special effects, text, audio, and color options needed to create their own dynamic video, companies are equipped to produce a dynamic video that speaks to their customers’ journeys and experiences.

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